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Weight Loss

A woman with tape measure around her stomach.A Customized Plan for Your Needs

As you probably know, the solutions to weight loss are not one-size-fits-all. Maybe your friends had success on keto or paleo-style diets, or lost a few pounds following popular pound-paring programs. More often than not, however, what works for some people doesn’t work for others.

To address this, following years of research, we designed our weight loss program to serve people like you. There are many other programs out there claiming they have the answer. However, none of them address the underlying cause necessary for long-term, successful weight and inch loss.

How Our Program Works

Following an evaluation done in advance of our one-on-one meeting, our clinic will address the cause to get a baseline on your current health and your goals. We have patients lose 4 to 14 inches per hour in our office over their body through non-surgical treatment. This is just one of our many services and visits to get you to where you want to be.

The initial consultation will also help you see BMI (body mass index), body fat, lean muscle, and hydration levels, visceral fat (fatty liver), and even your metabolic age, along with other results.

For Dr. Singleton, patients are never viewed as a number. He wants to see his patients thrive, and his vast knowledge of the body systems paired with a great love of people helps him create personalized care plans to help patients heal.

Our enhanced therapies to accelerate your inch loss and weight loss include:

  • Candida Weight Loss Program
  • Hormone Balancing Program
  • Sugar Handling Program
Before and after weight loss photos of Julieanne.

“I lost 25 Pounds”

I struggled! I tried every diet pill and they only made it worse!

Club Reduce is the missing link to reaching your weight loss goals!



Nutritionals & Food Programs,
Effective Supplements

Correct nutrition is essential for healing. Actually nourishing your body with nutrients and eating better will help heal and reverse the reason you’ve been stuck in your weight loss journey for so long. Our effective supplements support you and optimize your body’s digestive system. They heal your microbiome (gut), cleanse your body of various blockers, and reduce hunger for foods that do not serve you well.

Weekly Coaching & More

The weight loss programs will not only address the holes in your previous plans that prevented you from being successful, but also provide you with the human support you need. You will have weekly coaching sessions with our coach to review your binder, with all you need to be successful.

A woman smiling and looking at her waistline in the mirror

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