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Pain Management In Salt Lake City

A woman holding her shoulder in pain.Dr. Singleton’s focus on chronic pain developed after years of watching patients in his highly successful multidisciplinary clinic. They all had discomfort somewhere in their body, and therapy would work for a while, but it wasn’t giving patients life-long results. Doc Singleton believes everyone should live their life free of pain. He changed his approach and dedicated his career to helping patients find the root cause of their chronic discomfort, with close to 100 percent success.

Our Multi-pronged Approach

At ClubReduce Weight Loss and Neuropathy Clinic, we can address and fix your chronic pain using several methods. We have programs to decrease inflammation, using class 4 lasers to accelerate healing where the laser is applied. Advanced spinal decompression helps patients with neck and back pain restore the disc height and remove the nerve stress. As a result, we relieve discomfort in that area.

We are also licensed to give our patients injections, including ozone and plasma-rich protein (PRP). Both do amazing things to accelerate healing, increase the regenerative power of the cells in the damaged area, and decrease inflammation.

But all of our treatments are nothing without the nutrition component, which works alongside the best in technology we offer to cure the pain that controls your life. We have world-class nutritionals and eating programs to restore gut health. Our decades of research are the beginning of all your discomfort.

Success and Results

When we attack the real cause of inflammation and pain and heal the gut, we have 85 percent success for patients who follow our program. Our program helps reverse discomfort, but also helps patients have more energy, sleep better, and notice their libido returns. The best part? It’s all done without the side effects and addictive properties of medication or the long recovery from surgeries.

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