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About ClubReduce Weight Loss and Neuropathy Clinic

Top-of-the-line technology, years of research, and our hands-on treatments will help you achieve the success you’ve been searching for, whether it’s to reverse neuropathy, lose weight, or live life pain-free.

The staff at ClubReduce Weight Loss and Neuropathy Clinic has spent years developing programs for weight loss, neuropathy, and effective pain management to help patients in Salt Lake City and Midvale. Dr. Todd Singleton has been practicing for more than 30 years and successfully treated thousands of patients in Utah, while also training thousands of other professionals in his program across the nation.

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We’re Worth a Visit

We stick by you the entire way. Doc Singleton and his staff know firsthand what it’s like to face failures in weight loss programs and suffer from chronic pain. They’ve figured out the best approach for your success, treating the cause of your health concerns, not just the symptoms.

What Do Treatments Look Like?

At ClubReduce Weight Loss and Neuropathy Clinic, we offer multiple therapies that address shrinking fat, increasing blood flow back to the feet in neuropathy, and reverse inflammation in the body to relieve your pain. This took years of research and treatment of thousands of patients to find the best approach to this problem patients face.

After an evaluation, our staff will address the cause and share it with you, one-on-one. Together, you will find a baseline for your current health and goals, and choose the program, supplements, and nutritional plan that best fits the root cause of your weight struggles.

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The treatment for neuropathy is twofold, external and internal. A thermography imaging camera is used to assess the feet, and then advanced treatments are applied to help increase blood flow and start reversing the neuropathy. Technology is also used to enhance the nitric oxide in the blood vessels to vasodilate, increasing blood flow to heal your toes and reversing neuropathy.

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Our pain management programs decrease inflammation, using class 4 lasers to accelerate healing where the laser is applied. Advanced spinal decompression for patients with neck and back pain is used, as are injections like ozone and plasma-rich protein to accelerate healing. World-class nutritionals and eating programs will also restore your gut health—the root cause of so many health problems.

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Ultimate Contour is a non-invasive procedure intended to change the appearance of the chosen area using ultrasound and/or radio frequency (RF) energy. The machine uses ultrasound to vibrate your fat cells in the target area, causing small air bubbles to form in the cells. Once enough air bubbles accumulate, the fat cells begin to dissolve and drain through the lymphatic system and out of the body.

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We’re Here for You — Call Us Today

At our practice, we have a “stick with you” guarantee. No matter where you are on your journey to your wellness goals, we stick with you through coaching. If your program takes three months or six months, we’ll stay with you as long as it takes to reach your goal. Call us today for a consultation.

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